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Sachin Tendulkar has announced his retirement

Perhaps the India Australia T 20 match of today has been brushed aside by the announcement of Sachin Tendulkar, where he has expressed his desire to retire from the Cricket after the 200th test. This is to be noted that he has already played 198 test matches and is destined to play his 200th Test in home soil.

Tendulkar, the batting legend, has been playing in all formats of cricket and shown his traits that have made him credible. The retirement announcement will certainly dismay his ardent enthusiasts and followers. Indian cricket without Sachin Tendulkar may sound impossible now, but no one can defy the time and age.

Rather, Sachin Tendulkar has raised eyebrows of many as he has been continuing his career with a shabby performance.

The shabby performance cannot be treated as an understatement as the glitters, which we are used to watch in his batting, has almost reached the fag end.

The very prospect and memories of many cricketers always remain scary. We can recall that Kapil Dev had tried to pull his career whereby he could receive only criticism. The legendary Indian captain Sourav Ganguly had been battered from various corners due to his relentless efforts of continuing IPL.

It is inevitable that Sachin’s retirement will remain the headliners in tomorrow’s dailies. The TV Channels have already started showing it as breaking news. There will be so many discussions about the timing of his retirement decision. A lot of people will try to populate the idea that he should have continued even more. We beg to defer. The esteem batting height that he has set for the successors seem to be quiet unachievable, where the asking rates are seemingly steep. That’s why we do not want Sachin Tendulkar should also retire like the cricket lord, the classical image, which he has only developed.

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