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Lok Sabha 2014 – overview

With the Lok Sabha polls knocking at the door all the parties are out with their latest strategies on the anvil. The BJP has been busy wooing the minorities especially the Muslims with their innovative propaganda. There is no doubt about two facts in the lead up to the elections slated to be held this year in April-May 2014. The first of them being, the trust and conviction that Narendra Modi BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate has generated among the electorate who feel that he is man who should be the PM of the country. Most of the people of India are totally disgusted with the disillusioned rule of the UPA-II government and will vote against the Congress in these elections being the second point. BJP however is in a fix as they have been labeled non-secular and the hard liners in their party and among their allies are core right winged. The riots of Godhra have left about an indelible mark on the minds of the people which their call for development of India has not been able to erase completely.

The BJP chief Rajnath Singh while addressing a Muslim gathering at New Delhi tried to make amends stating that the party was ready to apologize to the public for wherever mistakes they had committed and accept it with shame. It is however not known whether this is also a pre-election strategy that is being aimed to garner minority votes. Singh reiterated that their party was for development of India irrespective of religion, caste or creed. He requested them that they should vote to bring them to power by securing a majority in the coming elections for the benefit of the entire nation. Just like Modi he asked for a chance to fulfill their expectations by aiding them to secure the magical figure of 272+ seats in the Lok Sabha.

The BJP chief assured that the BJP will forge a nation where brotherhood and humanity will reign. Conversing on the devastating riots of Gujarat in 2002 he added that their rivals were simply beating the drums so as to build up a negative image of Modi and BJP as they had to cover up their own past mistakes. He also added that the court has granted a clean chit and there is no case against Modi now. The BJP chief said that in accordance to the Indian Constitution reservations are be provided on the right basis and not on religious lines. BJP leader Arun Jaitley also called upon all minorities to support BJP which can only lead India into the next orbit. He also stated that BJP will ensure a government that will proffer security, equality and economic growth of all people in India. The Congress on the other hand is still making grounds for gaining from the Telangana bill that has now created two states in former Andhra Pradesh. This has been their final victory in their otherwise disastrous UPA-II reign. Having promoted Rahul Gandhi at the expense of Manmohan Singh seems to have proven to be a very costly mistake on their part.

With a new third front formation on the horizon of India for the first time before a Lok Sabha election it seems that the elections are headed to a very thrilling finish. Finally the new voters from India will undoubtedly be a major chunk in the decision of the final fate of the country. These youngsters of the nation do prefer Modi as has been evident from an opinion poll conducted recently but whether their choice will be the last remains to be seen.

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