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SRT and Ajit Tendulkar

Ajit Tendulkar has created a revolution by sacrificing his own career and life just to help Sachin to glitter in his cricket career, which remains as an exception in today’s world.

Sachin Tendulkar in his farewell speech did not forget to show due diligence of his elder brother Ajit for his sparkling cricket career. It is indeed true that even Anjali, Sachin’s wife has also sacrificed her career even after a brilliant result in MBBS, but a brother’s sacrifice remains more touching.

Ajit had not only supported Sachin at the initial stage, he had been constantly helping Sachin with his invaluable advices and enthusiasm even in Sachin’s rainy days. It is reported that Ajit did not hesitate to finger point at his loopholes even during the last test innings of Sachin.

Today’s apparently selfish society should learn a lesson.

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