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Sensex senses stability followed by growth

The 30-stock index of Sensex will be seen touching an all time high probably before the country goes to polls for electing the Lok Sabha in 2014. The failure of the UPA-II government to increase the economic growth of the country where inflation has been at an all time high is set to be past. The Lok Sabha elections are all set to usher in the BJP which is expected to become the largest single party riding on the Modi wave. The 30-stock index is merely 496.75 points away from the peak figure of 21483.74 mark scaled on December 9, last year. The uppish curve of the stock markets will likely enable the Sensex to touch an all time new high of 22000 just on the eve of the elections 2014 in India. It seems that the markets have become sagacious about the stability of the incoming government leading to the economic growth of the country.

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