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Chidambaram not to contest in election 2014

The news from the Congress camp is that our present finance minister P. Chidambaram, the sitting MP from Sivaganga parliamentary constituency is not contesting in this Lok Sabha elections. He will in all likelihood be posted in the Rajya Sabha as has been planned by the Congress party high command. He will however campaign extensively for his party throughout the country and will play a key role to dissolve the knots that have altered his party’s fortunes in the past electoral frays.

Chidambaram is particularly preparing to answer the grave economic issues raised by opposition parties against the governmental policies that had been undertaken by UPA-II leading to widespread inflation. He is gearing up to erase the rising discontentment against his Congress party from the voters of the country due to their scan ridden sojourn. However Chidambaram’s withdrawal from fighting the elections has set tongues wagging within his own party itself. It is popularly believed that Chidambaram has handed over Sivaganga to Chidambaram Junior, Karti to save himself from an abject defeat.

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