Knowledge is the fragrance of life

When Knowledge is misused

Knowledge brings freedom. The people of today’s generation has been able to earn knowledge through various open sources like books, magazines, TV shows and off course Internet. Whenever there is a need of information or knowledge, you have got the opportunity of browsing the internet and collect the necessary information. Whether it is about a shopping mall or a grammar syntax, the Internet has got plenty of websites that are ready enlighten us.

The problem is that when such knowledge is used for vested interests or unethical purposes. The facebook has made the world very close whereby finding information about anybody has become quiet easy.

There has been recent rape case in Kolkata, whereby the culprits have deliberately taken up the names of some others, who are seemingly faultless. Again, the victim has searched the Internet and tried to gather details of these people, which had been accidentally erroneous.

The case is almost close and the culprits have been charged. Such an incident perhaps shows that the miss utilization of such mammoth information source can be utilized with an illicit motive and the result becomes dangerous.

Now, the question comes, whether such sources should be used or they should be restricted. We wanna telling that there is no point of imposing any restriction on such media. Let the knowledge be spread. It is the people’s desire how to use them. Knowledge is like a sharpened sword that can create a bloodshed, if nurtured carelessly. Let the people learn that knowledge is essential but wrong usage can lead to formidable disaster.

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