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Tricky SEO is the need

Paradigm Shift in SEO is in everybody’s lips. Every one talks of SEO and its dramatic changes. We must state that the hype behind such drastic changes in SEO is far from reality. We can say that it is rather an old wine in a new bottle.

The concerned people are aware that the millions of students throng on the college websites during the admission phase. The SEO experts know that the Page Rank Values of those college websites increase due to the euphoric growth of such natural visitors. The increased PRV lasts for a couple of months and suddenly drops just like the visitors.

The fundamental objective of any SEO activity is to increase the natural visitors and no search engine can show the audacity to ignore the websites with adequate visitors.

When one goes for link building for any website, the links are reflected even in Alexa. Google or Yahoo also shows due diligence to such websites with high number of inbound links. The key change is that now search engines have become strict about the qualities of such links. Links from relevant websites with higher popularity of Page Rank Values propel even today and everyone admires in one way or the other.

As social media like Twitter, Facebook, Linkendn have become popular, the links earned from these social media also work as positive inflow. The cherished tradition of influx of visitors are duly reckoned here also.

The experienced SEO professionals always attempt to insulate their concerned websites from unnecessary unethical ways to save the website from the unwanted wrath of search engines.

Smart SEO activities are must and everyone has to take care of the cosmetic changes, implied in the SEO world.

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