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Aggressiveness is the key to SEO

SEO means consistency. Showing due diligence to the fundamentals, it must be mentioned that websites need jolt at times. When the website starts dwindling in SERP and it fails to draw the attention of visitors, one has to be donned an aggressive persona by rolling up the sleeves. May be, one has to publish plenty of articles with proper back links simultaneously. The submission in several web directories also works to some extent.

Though, we don’t fully agree, but some professionals try to show their aggressiveness by launching a frontal attack on their rivals. There are several ways to attack the rivals. A close observation on the sites may evolve you some new techniques. Some also prefer to raise the negative campaign of their rivals.

The key brand slogans of the competitors have been found to remain attractive to the people belonging to the same school of thoughts of attacking rivals. Head on collisions are really enjoyable but your website must have rock solid defense as your competitors may attempt to pay you back in the same coin.

Whatever the method one follows, the magical results should hardly be expected. The visibility factors come slowly in spite of best of SEO efforts as the search engine crawlers and algorithms have become much smarter today. Even the charisma of banner advertisements may not be adequate for a jump start.

Expectedly, the search engine optimization companies or professionals must exhibit efforts to insulate their failures but the website owners have to remain vigilant about the progress. While repeating the same statement, overnight results should not be expected, we must say that the tangible growth of the website becomes visible within a month or so.

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