Knowledge is the fragrance of life

Is knowledge omnipotent?

Yes knowledge is power unleashed from within. It is like a well adorned fragrance that stands the possessor in good stead throughout life. Knowledge can be lectured, lent, distributed and even bartered for huge pay packets. In any case venturing into the arena of knowledge offers a repository of gains from all perspectives in the world around us.

It is through this dimension only that espouses a confident self which can work relentlessly towards accomplishing self professed goals.

It would be pragmatic to say that knowledge aids in rational appraisal of incidents. It invokes basing conclusions on solid facts without interference or wrong alignment. Hence an acrimonious debate raises its ugly head as to whether knowledge or wisdom is merely interchangeable? If not how are they dissimilar?

It can only be comprehended by a mortal who is enriched with knowledge but may or may not have acquired wisdom

Knowledge relates to the intellect where as wisdom relies one the knack to scent for the right option in life at cross roads whether hard or simple. Wisdom is cultivated through years put together becoming the crowning glory of intellectual beings having a lining of spiritualism to it.

It is similar to the fact that both a typist and piano teacher bear the same mark upon their fingers but when dissected critically the subtle glow is only to be found on the music teacher’s visage.

Then it is not knowledge that is omnipotent by it is a ladder to the higher pedestal of wisdom that is accumulated through the spiritual tempering of the soul. Academic components bring in a bountiful from all aspects of life which fall flat in sublime junctures of life like relationships. Raising children and associations with others are a diet for those who are wise. Time has left little unsaid about wisdom being supreme to succeed in life.

Wisdom is all truly omnipotent as wielding it casts a magical spell on our lives that renders it a midas touch.

It sheaths itself under the warehouse of knowledge. Real life experiences and our actions and counter reactions grant wisdom to seep through into our very beings filling up the void of ignorance within us that only knowledge cannot erase. However each is the co-efficient of the other and crucial for keeping us mentally tuned, agile and healthy.

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