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Culture and Knowledge

The rituals, beliefs and practices received by an individual as a part and parcel from their families, neighborhood and country as a whole form a part of their cultural. It gets imbibed into their system by default and can seldom be overridden in their lifetime.


Simply put together if a family entails eating fish with pleasure as a part of their regular meals it happens to become a habit which is a part of their culture. Babies fed a diet of rajma-chawal-dahi in northern India are less prone to cough and cold and grow an in-built system of resistance.


Celebrating a particular, festival, rituals during marriage and family get together for certain deity worship all flow in to the blood stream as heritage or culture. Just like genes being transmitted from parents to children these packages are innocuously transferred through years of living together.


Knowledge is the pit that when filled with inputs from various sources like a standard system of compulsory education over a set period queries into the broken links in our cultural links.

These inconsistencies are dragged out into the brought daylight through the enriched and enlightened mind that deters from following any practice blindly.


Many a family drifts apart or comes across unbridgeable rifts between different generations in particular and any two individuals in general due to differences arisen out of following cultural practices. Logically humans are becoming more flexible and carefree to carry the burden of tradition on their shoulders.

Even the British Royals are publicly displaying affection at the sports arena to express their feelings of joy upon their participant’s victory at the ongoing Olympics 2012.


Barack Obama the president of the most powerful nation of the world took the cue a few days back to kiss his wife amongst cheers from the surrounding crowd as and when the camera focused on him after missing the first time.

It is simply a way of life that all things change to become something strange and new with time and that all cultures are temporary in nature.

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