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Sachin Tendulkar from being indispensable to stagnant

Nothing sells like success. It is this inevitable truth that has started to show its effect even on a living legend like Sachin Tendulkar the legendary Indian cricketer. The smiling face of the diminutive ace batsman sells many brands as he pockets crores of rupees from them.

His retirement will however reduce his saleability as an active Indian icon to be considered a hot cake to inspire Indians into buying products endorsed by him.

Having brought down the curtains upon his one-day international career after a lot of mudslinging on his rather unstained career graph, Sachin is to face this onslaught from the media that has adorned him with bouquets for most part of his 23-year old career.

Hence will ensue a leaner phase in Sachin’s new post retirement life cycle in being one of India’s most iconic celebrity brands. After having taken almost a year to get to his 100th Test century after his 99th ton wagging tongues had started to espouse his retirement.

His continuous lack of form and aging reflexes has caused reputable brands to exercise options greatly reducing the telecast of a number of advertisements featuring him.

Sachin Tendulkar featured in about 17 brand advertisements and many of them will conclude in about a year. Canon and Jyothi Laboratories did not even renew their contracts with him clearly indicating the wane in his prime time.

However the status of Tendulkar who is still the cricketer to have scored the highest runs in Test matches is referred to as more of a reputable Indian with whom any particular brand can associate to. Sachin’s retirement from ODIs was inevitable and it should have been better timed rather than being seen as a relief for the selectors and team of India. Sachin’s mainstay has always been his consistency to perform at the highest level accompanied by a phenomenal dedication that added glitter to his God gifted merit.

It only remains to be seen whether Sachin proves to be a personality whom the brands choose for advertisement even after he crosses over to the sideline from the spotlight. As of now the trend shows otherwise.

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