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Sprawling campuses remain far cry for career aspirants

Mere college degrees of career aspirants can hardly empower one with the opportunity of landing up in a suitable profile in a blue chip company. The altercation between the college education and real life implementation will continue, but the career aspirants have to achieve a lot of soft skills to ensure an entry pass in most of the companies irrespective of strata and scale of operation.

A recent survey has revealed that 47 per cent Indian graduates lack knowledge of English, which is essential to increase the factor of employability. One may be shocked in learning that almost 50 per cent do not possess the basic computer skills even in this information age, though most of them may be highly mobile savvy. The research report includes even the engineering graduates, who are mostly termed as the cream of the society.

The rapid emergence of soft skill companies clearly indicates that most of the graduates lack soft skills. Whether it is the interview techniques or proper communication skills, fresh graduates suffer badly. Several companies have also emerged with varied course curricula to bridge the gap, but the sanctity comes into question.

Project ready professional had become a buzzword in late nineties, but today many of the blue chip companies have started offering refresher courses to the new joiners.

The corporate conglomerates invest to build up their own future resources and directly recruit from the campuses. Unfortunately the economic doldrums have forced them to slice their budget. The training regarding the subject matter has always been useful, but training just to induce them to the salary register carries no sense for most of them.

The entire education system and the policy makers may strive hard to refine and reform the curriculum at the college level, but all are in vein, as yet. Most of the engineers and enterprising graduates become desperate to start perusing Management courses to enhance their employability parameters. Even then, the lacuna in English communication becomes the key hindrance for career inception.

In the wake of such dreaded figures, one should start developing English language skills on his own. It is not that cumbersome. One may read the English newspapers on a daily basis and also listen to the English News in Television channels. Once a new word is encountered, the dictionary may be consulted. Some also advises to start talking in front of the mirror. Even the chit-chat in English in the friend circle may become immensely beneficial.

The career aspirants must take a note that a candidate with English skill harvest may deserve a handsome salary hike than another with the same technical skill.

It must be noted that English skills cannot be imbibed overnight. One has to follow the slow but steady approach, which will yield in the long run.

Though computers have become fashion tools in most of the houses, but acquaintance with the basic operations is a must. Whether it is word or excel, one has to rigorously work and experiment to master the same. Design of curriculum vitae fails to suffice, but playing with various options from the menu bar may help one to earn the expertise. Similarly the decent graphs in Excel may satisfy one, but the fiddling with the Data Validation or various functions may become highly beneficial. When the tools are available at disposal, why should one ignore the opportunity?

The major problem remains in right application of the skills that one acquires during studies at the college level. Though the system or the Government may be blamed but that will not earn a job for the career aspirants. Once one obtains skills, he has to find places to apply the same. Mere project works do not suffice at all.

The advantage is that there are plenty of opportunities available at hands. If one learns budget during his studies, he can apply the concepts in his own house. If one adapts the file concept or database in any platform, he may try it out to maintain the house inventory. Any career aspirant has to become innovative in today’s world to brush up his skills.

So, nothing to worry! Exercise options and one must find the solution, if he intends to do so.

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