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Online Admission – The inevitable Future

Contrary to the plan of bringing transparencies in admission process, the decision of online admission may be a seething fault line, triggering the end of monopolies of illegitimate activities of the students union or others. Today the education minister has reached the receiving end of Unions’ and party’s wrath even when they are seemingly under the same umbrella.

Most of the protests and demonstrations against online admission have been staged by the TMC students’ wings, which was quiet unexpected. If the rebellion of the students’ unions is considered as jolt, the Government has faced dissent even from some non-teaching associations or local hooligans.

It is an open secret that unions and other stake holders try to make huge money by cheating the new applicants. The innocent candidates from the suburbs become the main targets of such union dadas. The candidates with high aspirations may opt for Geography or Journalism Honours, where the donation becomes even higher. It is unbelievable that the entire process continues without the knowledge of the college authority but mostly they prefer to keep their eyes shut. Online Admission, with its inherent caliber may become the noblest solution, in all probabilities.

A nexus between the service provider and the college authorities may imbibe some stray illegal moves, but the mass conspiracies can be surely eliminated. Online Admission does not only bring transparencies but is capable of bringing out a true merit list based on the criteria demanded.

The initiatives of the current Government regarding online admission is highly appreciable, but right implementation process has to be installed holistically at all levels.

Nobody has to lament that he has been deprived just because he hails from a rural family.

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