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Gardening as a career

Plants are our savior

Plants are the indispensable friends, on whom the survival of the human race depends. They give us food, grant warmth, cleanse our air and provide us with a beautiful, green milieu to reside. There are various facets of working with plants that comprise designing and constructing a park, garden, atriums and greenery in cities to cultivation of food crops, vegetables and fruits.

Factors required for becoming a gardener

A blossom, fruit or vegetable laden plant unfailingly touches every heart. More so, if you an enthusiast who wishes to take up gardening as a career path. The talent and attention in growing plants and nature manifest the qualities required for being a good gardener. An acute interest in extracting pleasure from working outdoors with a gifted deftness is surely an add-on for the career aspirants in the segment of gardening. Patience is the crucial skill that takes a gardener through agonizing ordeals and bouquets of blooms all round. Even considerable vigor and fitness goes into making of a garden. Awareness about plants, pests, manure, seasons render the flourish of ingenuity in every facet. To top it all a sound business sense helps matters as careers must be able to mitigate the needs or can become frustrating and a headache.

Work Load of a gardener

As a gardener the tasks one would be involved in revolves around raising plants from seeds, saplings or cuttings, digging, planting, weeding beds and borders, pruning, checking on pests and diseases and controlling them, applying nutrients, adequate watering, wearing safety aids like gloves, eye protectors and hats and using machinery while cleaning and maintaining tools.

Certificate or Diploma in Horticultural skills and gardening are proffered by various universities for career aspirants who wish to take up gardening as a career. Gardening involves horticulture which is a platform for amalgamation of art, science, design and commerce. If the challenges are met then gardening can be a rewarding career. Fostering a seed into a flower is like a transformation of hard labor in real, vibrant colors that unfailingly brings a smile on to every face. Delving into the minute details of horticulture is like unraveling the enchantment and secrecy in nature.

Landscape gardening

Landscape gardening is an occupation that involves the decoration of land by planting trees and shrubs and designing gardens. Designing and maintaining a football field containing grass blades also comes under the scope of this profession. It abides skilled care and attention. Horticulture explores creativity of an individual that relies on alternations in nature in different seasons. Landscaping researches amendment of the evident features of a land, space or terrace with flora meaning plants, flowers and vegetation to appreciably change its contours into a visibly pleasing ambiance. This can be achieved through bringing about variations in natural landforms, terrain and elevation. Induction of water bodies, structures, fences or other objects make it livelier. Landscape stands on two pillars of science and art and its successful execution depends on how wisely the nature and creation mingle.

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