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Career in Technical front yields

The gain in momentum of the prevalent strategy of offering higher salaries and perks to attract the best technical talents has found its resurgence. If we look at the salary level offered by the best technology companies, it is bound to leave us spellbound.

The Qualcomm or Broadcom has been able to top the list while some reputed companies like Google or Apple has been trailing much behind.

Such paradox clearly shows the unprecedented growth of the semiconductor or electronic manufacturers in today’s world whereas the software companies might be found to totter at this stage. Again FactSet stands as a symbol of elevation for software companies, who have been able to gradually upgrade their position on the ladder. However, the technical experts can still demand premium compensation in today’s world.

We cannot forget the emergence of various mobile ad network companies, who have been primarily depending on the mobile apps and developers on a contractual basis. They generally offer commission on ECPM basis, which enables the developers with the power of earning handsome money at the end of the month. Career aspirants might be jubilant due to such emerging figures which certainly raise glimpses of hope for the tech guys.

Another bit of information will draw our attention also.

The annual growth rate in higher education is restrained just to one percent in the US, which is far below than in Poland, Canada and even Japan.

The report does not unveil the growth of the higher education on the technical front, in particular. It reminds us about the growing unemployment problem in the US, where the people might have opted for higher education out of frustration. The people of the third world countries have got an overwhelming opportunity to prove their traits in such a climax.

It is indeed true that marketing professionals had been dominating the world for quiet sometime. Now, it is an amazing opportunity for the techies to prove their worth and excel. It does not necessarily mean that the marketing professionals should fall under the shadow of the ongoing depression as the emerging brands will make the competition even more challenging and only the real marketers can populate the products to stir the customer base.

The world is marred by unseemly economic doldrums, which is supposed to continue in one or the other form even in near future. One country of EU community may come out of its debt ridden sojourn leaving space for the other to emerge out of it too. That hardly can affect the true career aspirants. So, the quality will be valued at a premium and the professionals should be geared up to face the upcoming challenges.

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