Knowledge is the fragrance of life


It is said in the corporate world that delay in implementation of decision can incur unnecessary additional cost and at times it may be even dearer as the purpose of the decision may be completely defeated because of the delay.

The advantage with knowledge is there is no specific schedule or time frame, by which the knowledge has to be earned. In reality elevation of knowledge is a continuous process, which has started since our birth and will continue till our last breathe.

The world has been changing at an unbelievable speed over the last couple of years and globalization has kept his footprints in all walks of our lives.

So, the need of being knowledgeable has become more pertinent today than ever before.

The social stigma of learning from juniors has to be eliminated and the go of the age demands a tremendous amount of flexibility in our mind sets.

Knowledge initiates, Knowledge activates, Knowledge helps, Knowledge refines and Knowledge reforms our lives.

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