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UPs and DOWNs in IPL

The recent IPL has been reaching an exciting stage, where no team has been able to prove their unanimous leadership as yet. The point table is reflecting changes every day. Whether it is Pune or Chennai or Delhi, each has been able to show some glimpses of hopes. The sparkling performance of Pune against Chennai in their home ground has been nicely answered by the later at their’s, when they clinched into a fantastic win against Pune. Delhi has shown some splendid performances including their latest encounter against Deccan, but again remains far away from consistency. After an initial turmoil, Kolkata has shown some fantastic performances in their following matches. Mumbai has also undergone some undesired defeats. It is really good to watch such upswing and downfall. Ultimately, the glorious uncertainties of cricket shows its magic as the superpower even in IPL in its 5th edition, as demanded by the cricket lovers. The IPL has drawn attention of the money woven business world. The rates of advertisements show the involvement of mammoth money power. The bowlers can earn even a couple of thousands rupees for each bowling effort. The batsmen also earn hefty amount. The IPL auction has become a show piece. Recent news reveal that the traditional coaches have shown their reservations against such cricket that befits the basic principles of Cricket grammar. We have really watched some evolving shots where instant improvisation had yielded even sixes and that too without any precedence in the cricket books. Virendra Sehwag, Sachin Tendulkar, M. Dhoni and many other batsmen have joined the fray. The helicopter shot or upper cuts are really new additions. Even the reverse sweep shots or slog sweeps have been redefined in such format of cricket. When cricket is a pleasure, why should we...

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