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Indian cricketers are disappointed at Anderson verdict

The Indian dressing room was united in their opinion that Anderson must question his own behavior. Indian cricketers are also dismayed that James Anderson has been found not guilty in the Trent Bridge incident involving a spat with their Ravindra Jadeja. The case was adjudged on the basis of one team’s word against the other due to unavailability of any video evidence. The alleged pushing incident took place in the only small corridor that was not monitored by the ICC’s Anti Corruption and Security Unit cameras. Hence Anderson was not prosecuted as it could not be established that he had indeed pushed Jadeja without any provocation. Anderson admitted to pushing Jadeja but added that he was acting in self-defence as Jadeja had turned around aggressively towards him. The not-guilty verdict in the Anderson-Jadeja hearings has indeed been a distressing element on the disciplinary front in the India vs England test series currently going on in England.

England had Stuart Broad, Matt Prior and Ben Stokes while India had their physiotherapist, Evan Speechly, Gautam Gambhir and R Ashwin. The hearing went on for over six hours with the judicial commissioner Gordon Lewis presiding over via video link from Australia. In the last over before the lunch break Anderson the bowler was seen having a word with Jadeja who had just survived an appeal off Anderson’s bowling. Then the incident occurred as the players were walking off for lunch on the second day of the Trent Bridge Test. As the players were walking through the narrow corridor following the stairs there was more exchange of harsh words and shoving and pushing which was initiated by Anderson according to the Indians. The Indians reacted by saying that Anderson should not have ignited the issue off the field as Jadeja retorted back a second time off the field. Even Indian captain Dhoni has supported Jadeja and reiterated that skirmishes on field should not be brought back and Anderson indeed had crossed his limits.

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