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The IPL bonanza

A pageant that has become the cynosure of cricketers the entire world over in its limited existence of five years speaks volumes about its organization and the decibel of the spectacle. The entire band of cricketers seems to have assembled during the hot, humid and sultry Indian summer months of April and May to play out the shortest edition of the game through a rather long process.

Indian cricketers, fields and pitches have gained the momentum and risen to occasion like a duck takes to water.

Cricket though inevitably the most recognizable and popular among games played and followed in the country had simply lost the lively crowds at the different stadiums that were an inseparable part of the entire process.

It was indeed true that as the Indian Premier League had became embroiled in scams and illegitimate transactions bringing down big names threatening its very existence last year itself. Teams were faced with hair raising questions and shady deals in this multimillion dollar industry at the center of which lies playing just 20 over per side during a match most of which go to the wire.

Past and present and even retired Indian cricket team captains and players face-off each other in this keenly contested games.

Strategies rule the roost while IPL-V still remains a very open tournament except perhaps for the Deccan Chargers who have lost all their 5 games until now.

Players from all cricket playing nations like England, Australia, West Indies, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and New Zealand have made it for this classy, short stinted and gracious event. The former players have become coaches and aides to help youngsters and veterans gear up for the T20 games which were considered a batsman’s prerogative initially.

Bowlers have learned, practiced and evolved to contain the momentum through specialized tactics and bowling yorkers that test their patience throughout their stay at the crease.

The death over are critical for both teams and perhaps this editions totally depends upon the current form of players at that particular instance only.

Hence go all out and have a go to your stadiums for the sixes or the DLF maximums as they are termed and have lots of popcorn and cokes at the strategic timeouts to keep yourself hydrated. Yell your support for your favorites and let the world know that the Indians are back at the stadiums to watch cricket matches live!

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