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Sex and Prostitution

Prostitution is a cherished tradition that has been prevailing since the beginning of human civilization. Many social workers and intellectuals have soared against this primitive profession, but there is no signal of it waning even a bit. Men have tried to extinguish their sexual appetite by using the prostitutes. Some even have tried to show off their masculinity. One cannot help but feel sorry for the hapless prostitutes. Many committees have been formed, but nothing could redress the despair of such wretched women.

The history unfolds that most of the girls are forced for such a profession that only attracts humiliation and apathy from all corners.

Most of the prostitutes discover them in unenviable spots after the initial teething problems. Everybody starts constantly eyeing their positions, wondering when they can be used as sex machines. The seemingly reluctant politicians often show pseudo tears for their woes, but some of them are also alleged with several molestation scandals.

Brushing asides controversies, the prostitution continue unabated at most homes even unconsciously. The male dominated society is geared up to raise acrimonious debates on the tea table about women’s liberation, but many of them are engaged in similar attitudes, whereby the legally married wives are used no more than prostitutes. Nobody raises eyebrows as they can never think of substituting the wife by a prostitute at bedtime.

The libido of women often loses its way in the dreary desert of forceful sexual penetration of the powerful males.

Most of the males pretend to remain consciously unaware, so as the females start accepting it as a social phenomenon. However, many men can not show guts to exhibit resilience to the social norms that forbid them to visit pros quarters frequently. They might ponder about the fantasy of thrilling nights in cabaret or pros quarters, but they fail to overcome the social barriers.

It may sound bizarre, but most of the males often voluntarily pave the way for prostitutes in disguise instead of seemingly reticent wife as suave and placid mannerism fails to offer exciting sexual pleasure.

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