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Sex and Marriage

Caterina and Stopanov have come in to the limelight in the recent past. They have announced the sale of their virginity to the open world as a commodity and sarcastically they have even got buyers!

Caterina’s hymen might have earned a premium price, but the duo has raised an acrimonious debate in today’s society about the ethical concepts underlying sex and marriage.

Physiology reveals that intercourse may cause a permanent loss of the hymen in females or there may be remnants. Sexual involvement causes several penetrations in the external vaginal opening and the hymen becomes completely immaterial during course of life. The hymen may be broken due to several reasons other than sexual penetration. Still both males and females become highly sensitive about this flimsy membrane that covers the vaginal opening.

The prevailing concept is that the females try their best to secure the hymens for their husbands, which becomes their best present of their sacred love.

However, now, most of the females and males hardly care about retaining their virginity till marriage.

The media has bestowed showers upon Caterina and Stopanov as they have been able to show guts to exhibit resilience to the eternal bonding of marriage. This free-sex age has already hit marriage, the oldest institution in society, under the belt. Now, perhaps no one tends to believe that ‘Marriages are made in heaven and are consummated on earth’ of Lyly, John. How can then the symbolic hymen become such a sensitive and sensational issue?

The Hindu and other mythologies never preach polygamy. The core concept of marriage propels an intimate union of a guy with a girl of permanent nature. The two should legally, socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually blend together.

It is indeed true that the male dominated society has always attempted to take undue advantages of the prevailing social customs and fragility of women. The twenty first century has certainly enlightened us with modernity resulting in harmony in marital relationship in most cases.

A true marital relationship flourishes only when one strives to comfort and console the partner even more than self.

The un-breached hymen remains as a symbol of invaluable trust and respect that can gear up any budding relationship. Alas! The poor guys have got hardly any way to reaffirm their virginity.

Sex becomes a natural phenomenon when the adolescents step into their puberty. The money woven business world deliberately chooses to escalate sexual appeals notwithstanding its far reaching impact on the audience. The advertising driven market exercises all options to sell their products without a fig for its intangible social effects.

Adolescent kids, due to several reasons, become desperate to extinguish their unexplored sexual desires while remaining ignorant about its importance and responsibilities.

As a result many lose their virginity at a premature age. Brushing asides the terminal diseases like AIDS, many are found to be attacked by several venereal and other disastrous diseases. Most of them fail to comprehend the worth of marriage. The seniors fail to come up with able guidance that aids in transforming their mind sets.

The terms virginity, purity, ethical senses and morale values lose their ways in the dreary dessert of the money driven world.

We must appreciate the boldness shown by Caterina or Stopanov, but they have threatened the fundamental philosophy on which lies the foundation of every society in the world.

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