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Resilience to sex

Let us call a spade as a spade. Sex in the inescapable ingredient of marriage life and unnecessary resilience can cause a formidable devastation in such a relationship. The human body is a gift of God and each of its attributes and functionality has got a tremendous impact in any social relationship. Its really unfortunate that the fertile brains of some conservative people have tried to make sex untouchable, which has always created confusion and several misconception in the young buds. Truly speaking, at times, it has cast its detrimental effect even among seniors including married people.

The ardent love of a married couple can never remain complete without a true harmonious passion, where sex plays the most important role.

The stress, depression, disproportionate distribution of fat in the body may affect the libido of either and a quick treatment can rebuild the relationship. If either of them lusts and the other remains non-responsive then it can hardly find synchronization, which is highly essential to maintain a long lasting relationship like marriage. The problem comes, when a schizophrenic partner is obsessed by some illusion and exhibits resilience against sex.

It has been tested by the medical practitioners that woman’s libido reaches at the extreme immediately after the menopause. If the female orgasm comes very lesser in numbers, then she can hardly make the love life thrilling for her partner. It has been also tested that deep seeded diseases like Arthritis, Diabetes, inflammation can affect the desire tremendously. The situation becomes worse, when a schizophrenic lady of mid age fails to satire her sex from her husband due to some illusive impression.

Like every other properties even sex exhibits its attributes during the course of time and a continuous dissatisfaction can prompt such a lady to approach even a teen age guy after the menopause.

The irony is that even the lady fails to know that it is her obsession against sex, arising out of her diseased mind, has forced her to such a unpardonable incident.

Its better to look for proper medical help to save such patients from such catastrophe and reestablish a healthy sex life that becomes sensational and continuously rewarding. This is true when the female orgasm and male libido coincides then both reach the climax, which is essential for a true marital relationship. Its better to come out of such orthodox shells and become pragmatic to live a long and healthy life. After all, God had created us to enjoy our lives.

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