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Oscar Pistorius verdict is not guilty of premeditated murder

The Judge adjudged Oscar Pistorius to be not guilty of premeditated murder but is yet to announce whether he is guilty of culpable homicide. The blade runner could however walk free as culpable homicide has no minimum jail term. Judge Masipa ruled that Pistorius could not have foreseen he would kill the person behind the toilet door. The judge also added that there was not enough evidence of premeditated murder. The judge also stated that Pistorius had not been candid in explaining why his gun was fully loaded. However the judge did complied with the view that the accused did not suffer from a mental defect. Upon reading out the chronology of events on that ill-fated Valentine’s Day of 2013 when his girlfriend died it proved that some evidence by witnesses was corroborating while some were conflicting. Judge Masipa relayed that the court would rely on technology in terms of phone records that could be more easily verified rather than upon the memories of neighbors. The judge also added that witnesses stated that they had heard screams from a woman in distress and three sounds resembling gunshots.

Pistorius had described the incident as tragic and declared that he had mistaken the deceased for an intruder. Judge Thokosile Masipa reads out that in the early hours of 14 February 2013, the accused shot and killed Steenkamp, the deceased who was inside the locked toilet. The final decision will come only after summarizing the testimony of all 37 witnesses and an in-depth reasoning on her assessment of each account of witnesses, including Pistorius. She will then give her own findings and opinions based on personal interpretation abiding by the law. The final verdict will state whether the 27-year-old Pistorius is guilty of murder and other changes. Pistorius could also be acquitted as he may be found not guilty of either murder or culpable homicide if the judge feels that he had no intention to kill.

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