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Movie Mary Kom an inspiration to all women

The hindi movie Mary Kom is a significant sport biopic about a woman boxer from the side tracked North-East India who struggled against the odds to become a champion only for her passion and fearlessness. Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra is seen in this Sanjay Leela Bhansali film directed by Omung Kumar as Mary Kom. The film inspires viewers drawing them to the edge of the seat. It also unfailingly raises the quotient of nationalism in all watching the movie together uniting them at the end to stand up and salute our national anthem. The movie constantly pushes at the tear ducts and even the hard types will find their eyes get moist through it. An overdose of emotions and spirit unfailingly touches all and lingers long after one leaves the theater seat. The biopic is about MC Mary Kom a five-time boxing world champion and Olympic bronze medalist from India. The story depicts how Mary goes on to become a champion boxer only due to her passion for the sport.

The incredible support of her husband Onler Kom played by Darshan Kumar will be an eye opener to many n today’s society where more na d more women are professionally occupied. The film is a great effort of put forth the obstacles that sport persons in India face to follow their passion and make the country proud in the international arena. Kom is stubborn, short-tempered and quick to pick a fight. This angry young lady changes in nature once she is endowed with twins but not her zeal to get back into the boxing arena for winning bouts. Chopra is very efficient in depicting this subtle change from tom boy to doting mother. Debutant Darshan Kumar turns in a candid performance. Chopra though bearing no resemblance to the real life shero Mary Kom is very convincing in boxing gloves, shorts, helmet and bouts. The grime, bruised and bloodied Priyanka is so credible that she never allows the audience a chance to check whether she has succeeded in becoming a look alike. The harshness and raw appeal in the movie is a plus point that adds to the level of difficulty that Mary encountered in her path to becoming a successful boxer being a woman and a mother. Her problems compound as she belongs to the neglected North-east India.

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