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Marriage – the institution

Marriage is the oldest and most traditional social institution of mankind. Adam and Eve could hardly feel the necessity of marriage, but as the world grows, civilization had taught mankind to form institutions keeping various factors on the board.

We can simply treat marriage as the seed of a desired bonding between a guy and a girl, and becomes fruitful only when it is watered properly, it leaves it’s far reaching fragrance to the society.

Its like a diamond ring, you need to wipe out every dust to make it more glittering.

The flowery dream communicated by various media, the unbearable tension of today’s life style, the restless minds of today’s young stars at times get divulged and some people treat marriage just a game of fun, where divorce comes even faster than changing the color of the shirt. We can still treat them as exception as a result of contorted facts manufactured from the fertile brain of a gamut of people of a particular segment.

We must apprehend impediments in maintaining a holistic relationship of a marriage, but it is surely a wonderful bonding, that teaches the young minds to share both joy and pain for life.

When you dream of marriage, your subdued mind might become unconscious and when you get married, you become conscious.

It is said, the intellect becomes fruitful only when the spirit of the nature meshes with the materialistic world. Similarly a successful marriage deserves the real mesh of two souls and bodies. The imagination of a dream girl or dream boy may bend with reality, still the relationship continues, so as the world. People, who believes in immortality of soul, they find marriage also as an immortal relationship. The crux is people often try to find accomplishments of all beautiful dreams in marriage, which never becomes realistic just like the youthful romanticism hardly find its 100% success in the hard reality.

Still the social bonding of marriage encompass love and feeling for the counterpart, may be even as a result of compulsion.

In the worst possible case, It may be compared with a cage, where birds have been forced to live together in spite of their likings and disliking, who despair to get out, but hardly can. Even if marriage in an edifice, we need to rework and rebuild perhaps every night.

In marriage nobody can deny the impact of the sexual relationship, which makes the bonding stronger. Post marriage sexual life makes your life disciplined, arises the fellow feeling and it lets you float in the pleasure of satisfaction.

A systematic sexual life is always desirable for your body and mind. Love, the harbinger of hope, converts sex from a mere physical exercise to true pleasure.

It is not necessary that a man needs to be deaf and the woman needs to be blind to continue a successful married life! We believe that it is the instinct, which makes a married life successful and makes the guy and girl more passionate towards the other!

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