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Veteran leaders have started leaving CPM

Laxman Seth, the veteran CPM leader and the proclaimed lord of the Haldia imperial has exhibited guts to deflate the CPM’s top ranked leaders by not renewing the party’s membership. Laxman Seth may face an expulsion after his press conference, where he has slammed down upon the top notch leaders of the CPM Head quarters, perhaps with a deliberate intention of forcing the party to take drastic action.

We must consider the expulsion of Laxman Seth on the backdrop of such drastic moves of the party CPM against some veteran leaders like Rezzak Mollah and Anil Bose. Though Anil Bose and Laxman Seth had been infamous for their various unseemly acts including showpieces of muscle powers, Rezzak Mollah had been able to retain a clean and upright image till his last day in the party.

Prakash Karat may fail to accept that anyone else has got such brilliance or integrity, but voices against the distinguished image has been surely stained, which has been so assiduously created around the party by the sacrifices of various leaders in the past.

It is indeed true that CPM has never indulged any sort of resilience within the party and a lot of eminent leaders like Nripen Chakrabarty, Saifuddin, Samir Putotunda, Somnath Chatterjee had to face expulsion during the process. We should not bring the expulsion of Somnath Chatterjee or Nripen Chakraborty and that of Laxman Seth or Rezzak Mollah under the same platter.

The nerve-wrecking episode of Somnath Chatterjee can be recalled whereby the contemporary parliamentary speaker had taken a tough stance to prove that constitutional niceties should be kept above the party line. The dogged determination of Prakash Karat had proved that the role of a speaker is just a fig leaf and any party member has to toe the party line. We should not also forget that CPM had been in command in those days and the exclusion or inclusion of a few faces failed mark a difference in the party.

Laxman Seth, the ornate Haldia emperor, had faced court case and arrest because of the notorious Nandigram episode. He has sold his medical colleges at a premium price, for which the party has decided to initiate a probe. We should not forget that Haldia had been the exception, whereby even the absconded Laxman Seth could offer the Haldia Municipality to his party CPM against the tide through his wife-cum party colleague Tamalika Seth Panda. The party rode on Laxman’s brilliant cameo role many a times.

Though the present top brasses of CPM do not like the leaders with stained images like Laxman Seth or Anil Basu, but it is also true that the party could not aid him with adequate support during his rainy days. It is also heard that Laxman Seth may bend on Trinamul Congress to save him from the wrath of the ruling government and legal proceedings.

Rezzak Mollash had been lashing upon the present leadership for quite some time and finally he floated a new forum. The party CPM had to expel the veteran leader, who still possesses a clear image. Even the contender of the Jadavpur LS seat, Sujan Chakraborty did not use any harsh words against Rezzak Mollah, as yet. Even if we call it an ideological battle, the cases of Laxman Seth should be taken in isolation, where the desperation of a safe shelter has become vivid.

The aggression against the top notch leaders like Prakash Karat, Biman Bose, Buddhadev Bhattacharya has become vibrant, though CPM does not show any signal of intention of changes. They still remain satisfied by roaring against the capitalism, whereas Buddhadev Bhattacharya, the former Chief Minister of West Bengal had created distinction during his regime.

The people have also started spreading a rumor that the leaders belong to the same school of thoughts of late Jyoti Basu have become the target of the current leadership.

It is still unraveled whether the party leaders have become vindictive, but the decay of the dwindling CPM continues. Prakash Karat should never forget that the fortune often fluctuates.

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