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Tragic exit of Manmohan Singh

Life is a roller coaster – true to its definition, Manmohan Singh has perhaps also realized that even the most dignified post without power can only stain one’s credentials. Manmohan Singh, in his apparently last press meeting as Prime Minister has become more nostalgic for obvious reasons. It is yet to be unraveled whether the history will remember him as the weakest Prime Minister, India has ever produced, but his self-defenses are too inadequate to set Congress back on tracks.

If Manmohan Singh is credited with changing the face of Indian economy by conceiving revolutionary concept of globalization, the ridiculous silence of the Prime Minister has found himself at the centre many a controversy in the scam-ridden sojourn of UPA-2.

Manomhan Singh’s eventful stint has taken another turn, perhaps for the worse, when he announced the handing over of the baton to a new Prime Minister, which does never necessarily mean, Rahul Gandhi, the poster boy of Congress.

Perhaps Manmohan Singh’s scintillating batting innings as Narasimha Rao’s lieutenant had made him a choice for the chair of Prime Minister way back in 2004. As the Nehru-Gandhi descendant Rahul Gandhi was too junior in 2004 and the label of a foreigner had restrained Sonia Gandhi from assuming the office of the Prime Minister, Congress had to look forward to someone, who would never dare to disobey the Congress president, but whose polished image could cast a magical spell on the Indian citizens.

Battered by the scary memories of Narasimha Rao, Congress never looked up at able Pranab Mukherjee, who would decline to assume the position which was just by initials but exercise his power as PM more capably.

Congressmen, by heredity are drawn to power and they had picked up non-astute Manmohan Singh as he could remain as a puppet in the hands of the Nehru-Gandhi family. Perhaps it was gaffe of the Congress party not to allow the emergence of natural leadership for which they have been paying through their noses for last couple of years.

Manmohan Singh sparkled as a gladiator in the most controversial nuke deal issue and his guts perhaps even stunned the Congressmen as the threat of disassociation of CPM could not deviate Manmohan from his strict stance on Nuke Deal. Mulayam Singh, the best turn coat politician appeared as a savior of UPA-1 and Congress could win even more seats in 2009. Sonia Gandhi did not have any option other than reinstating Manmohan Singh for the second term.

Ironically the candid Manmohan has started stumbling in front of the intimidating pace battery of several scams and rampant corruption. When the allegations about policy paralysis reached a crescendo, Manmohan Singh remained almost a silent spectator. The country India was haplessly looking forward to some swashbuckling masterstrokes or some rock solid strategies in the economic front. The pro-poor policies like food security bill had been announced at a time, when the Indian economy was encountering a disaster, but Manmohan Singh with his luminous credibility in economy and finance could not stop this inevitable fate. His dignity was crushed when Rahul Gandhi had dramatically opposed the bill to protect the convicted politicians, in public.

Now that Manmohan has taken the onus of all the pitfalls of his Government, Rahul Gandhi is assumed to start fresh, which can cleverly save him from the stains of blunders of UPA-2. It is certain that Manomhan Singh could not show resilience to the decisions of the Congress core group and he had to announce his voluntary retirement. Had it been a normal situation, the decision of handing over the baton from an octogenarian leader to a next generation leader would be cordially greeted, but in the current political turmoil, it may boomerang for the Congressmen.

Though politics is an art of possibility and it is still unknown which mathematical magic can assign Rahul Gandhi to the chair of the Prime Minister, but the chances are telescopic.

Manmohan Singh has hurled abuses on Narendra Modi and he has clearly fueled the memories of Godhara episode as a parting kick, which Modi and BJP have to clarify. Manmohan Singh is always known for his placid mannerism, but his blasts at the fag end of his career remained unlike his well-inculcated portfolio.

Manmohan Singh had never been a natural leader, nor could he earn his fame as an orator. The economics background can hardly inspire the mass. We could not watch the able leadership role of Manmohan Singh as the Prime Minister, particularly when the allegations of 2G spectrum or Coal Scams created a roar. Rather, his ultra-defensive batting style in the second innings had awarded a clear edge to his opponents.

If Manmohan Singh cherishes his career in his future leisure, he might find a lot of traits to cheer about, but he has got a lot of failures to ponder upon too.

When the ousting of the blue turban had started echoing from within his party, Manmohan Singh should have been alert. Perhaps Manmohan Singh failed to study the complexities and contradictions of Indian political firmament.

It is indeed true that India never needs a PM who presides over the massacre of innocent people, but India certainly needs a capable Prime Minister, who can exhibit guts to take strong decisions in complex situations. If it becomes disastrous for India to have Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister, then it should be also kept under the same bracket that Dr. Singh’s acts as a general in the skipper’s cap has worsened the country’s economic and political profiles.

If Manmohan Singh’s entry in the Indian political fraternity can be termed as dramatic, his exit may be labeled as melodramatic.

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