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The sweeping all Narendra Modi wave

One fact has emerged in the run-up to the General Elections 2014 which is true and that being the unequivocal popularity found by Narendra Modi. His remarks have been outstanding, his views delivered with elan and his projected image of a development driven leader won all hearts and heads. Everyone is craving for Modi and wants to grant the BJP its desired time-line within which to drive the Indian economy up the ladder. Each Indian wants Modi to re-create for them what he has done in Gujarat on the economic front. This has become such a craze because of two main reasons – one being the scam ridden sojourn of the UPA-II leading to unbridled discontent among the public and the uncontainable inflation across the country affecting one and all.

The BJP has been organized like never before and their charismatic leader Modi knows just what portions to mix and match to produce the right connotation for the electorates. However as the opinion polls conducted in March against February have shown a sharp and visible drop in the BJP vote share due to a few instances in the recent times having erupted on the scene with the elections virtually knocking at the door. The handling of issues related to the nominations of BJP patriach L.K. Advani and veteran former union minister Jaswant Singh have really struck the BJP hard.

It seems for a change Modi and Jaitley seemed to have erred in communicating to them the necessity for such action while the opponents have made merry highlighting these issues. While Jaswant alleged that the true BJP has been done away with while the existent party has new policies formulated by other people who were not even around when the party surfaced on the Indian political firmament. Advani was miffed with having to contest from Gandhinagar in Gujarat as he wanted to keep his distance from Modi too. Sushma Swaraj had been wary of the party having allowed certain individuals to gain mileage into unknown territory currently beyond the scope of the party to gain valuable seats through associations that would aid the BJP to get closer to the magical 272 seat mark in these upcoming Lok Sabha elections 2014.

Modi is a unique person on many counts as he has a sparkling brilliance elusive to many. His focus and delivery seem to be unwaveringly cast upon the rival. Gujaratis feel that Modi was the only man who spoke up for them and soon Indians might feel the same way if BJP comes to power as is being predicted by many. But there is a fraction of the electorates who feel that a government having a full majority by the BJP will throw India into unfettered territory especially in issues like FDI in retail and granting land and feasible conditions to conglomerates and giant multinationals to have their way. Then comes a small but inevitable part of powering the Hindi language over English in India, which could have disastrous effects.

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