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The Manmohan banter

With the General Elections due this year the Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh has rung the bells to openly declare the end of his tenure. With widespread roars of his removal due to the failure of the UPA II government the Indian Congress Party is looking for a swift makeover. After a long has the real Manmohan emerged from behind the curtains to speak his mind on Modi and more. He has declared in an interview that the General Election 2014 will usher in a new PM to whom he will hand over the reins of the nation.

The Congress party has definitely lost its credibility among the masses. It has been established beyond doubt through their poll debacle in the last conducted Assembly elections held in the states of Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi and Mizoram. Loss of trust seems to be hounding the Indian National Party which could spell doom for it in 2014 ironically its 127th year of existence since commencement. The crowning of an able, young and fit leader may however turn the tables in its favor.

There have been innumerable reasons that have culminated to this irreparable loss of face, fame and fortune for the Congress. There has been uproar against Robert Vadra, the son-in-law of Congress President Sonia Gandhi for having received kickbacks from realty major Delhi Land & Finance. The Congress and its coalition government, United Progressive Alliance have been blamed for vacillating governance and its failure to revive the Indian economy.

The commonwealth games scam, the 2G spectrum scam, the coal scam and many more controversial issues have completely wiped away the incredible reforms which the UPA I had achieved with Manmohan Singh at the helm.

The main point of their disrepute arose from their lackadaisical attitude to punish those guilty of corruption charges. To rub in salt into the open wounds of the UPA II, India encountered intensifying fiscal deficit, inflation, elevated subsidy bills and diminishing GDP. All these widespread nuisances were deepened by bad policy making. The entire Congress party and their leaders completely lost their touch and communication with the people of the nation. To further fuel their crisis Rahul Gandhi their projected leader was in adept on all grounds failing to justify the position he was being groomed for. Neither could he envision a strategy to counter the barbs against the Congress nor plan any full form reforms.

It is arguable whether Modi will be a good or bad PM of India if at all his non-secular party is chosen by the electorate and claims a majority in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections of 2014.

Dr. Manmohan Singh definitely has every right to claim that Modi is not equipped to be projected as a Prime Ministerial candidate belonging to an opposition party but even he has to agree that he could not carve a path around the pitfalls faced by his government and party.

The entire predicament of the Congress began with widespread corruption charges and definitely Sonia Gandhi, Dr. Manmohan Singh and other Congress party stalwarts should thwart non-transparent processes and stem the rot first to reinstate the belief of millions of Indians

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