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The incredible strategies of Narendra Modi

The BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi has requested the electorate for electing the BJP to form the government. He intends to be given a chance, a sure mandate to convert their promising commitments that would aid in renovating India into a really advanced nation of the world. Narendra Modi asserted that if Gujarat can be altered so can the people of India be armed with all the necessary amenities of the modern world. He said that all his party expects is a clear mandate of the people in favor of BJP so that they gain the five years to prove their worth. He added that like the Congress his ruling party would never mock the mandate of the voters who had entrusted them with their votes for good and clean governance leading to expansion.

Modi claimed that a single term as the ruling party at the centre was enough time for the BJP to grant the common man a peaceful life which was a challenge that his party was ready to take up despite brickbats from their rivals. He went on to add that if there was a resolute intention to implement decisions then progress would indisputably follow. He also declared that their party upon forming the government would never lack their capability to put into force laws and policies that were crucial to serve the people of the nation.

Modi reinstated that India was not a poor country but it required appropriate utilization of its huge potential and appropriate application of its vast resources. He has challenged his rivals saying that there is no difference between Gujarat or Uttar Pradesh or India if the government aims to eradicate poverty and usher in improvement. He took a dig at the Congress by questioning their role for the last six decade in which their party and government could not eliminate the plunging divide between the rich and poorer sections of the society. Modi has declared that his only attention would be to focus on working for enhancing the advancement of the nation.

Modi again put forth the example of his state to add that Gujarat under him had witnessed a continuous high rate of growth. He said that it made him sad to see India as being visualized by the world as a poor, uneducated country that carries a begging bowl with no dignity whatsoever, let alone any stand in the affairs of the world. He also reiterated the importance of the upcoming General Elections as it would determine the direction in which the country would head in the coming years. He said BJP was the only group of individuals who were organized enough to run a government with efficacy which was the main imperative requirement at this hour for India.

Modi believed that every member of BJP knew that undoubtedly this Lok Sabha election will be about transparent and good governance. He stated that the country has decided to bid farewell to Congress as their UPA II had severely lacked both which was the root of the discontent for the electorate. In reply to the attacks against him over the 2002 riots in Gujarat he clearly avoided getting into gory details about the issue but again drew out his trump card of progress. He declared that Gujarat had witnessed unprecedented growth in the last 10 years and people were leading a life of peace and harmony which all Indians deserve from their ruling government.

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