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Semi Final polls to General Election 2014

Brushing asides controversies, whether the evolution of AAP can signal the beginning of a new era in the Indian political firmament, it must be admitted that BJP has forced Congress to totter in the state level elections at Delhi, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. It will not be an understatement, if the media label it as a drubbing Congress. The reflection of agonies in the faces of Congress top brasses has been vivid.

Should we echo the claim of the Modi wave as coined by RSS or BJP? Perhaps it will become too drastic a statement at this stage. We must take a serious note of BJP’s performances in Delhi and Chhattisgarh. Indian political world has witnessed many such waves in the past, whereby the parties had been found to succeed triumphantly or fail miserably due to such waves.

Rather, it is safe to say that the anti-incumbency factor has been transformed to an anti-Congress whirlwind that has triggered off such a dismal performance of Congress in the state level elections.

The Congress has been alleged for several scams and corruption cases in their second term in the center. The party has been found in a paralyzed state of accurate decision making. While playing the balancing game with its dogmatic allies, Congress had perhaps forgotten its core principles of good governance. Narendra Modi or Arvind Kejriwal was equipped enough to fuel the sentiments of the electorates and to convert the subdued dissatisfaction to a wave.

That’s how AAP, in its emergence, has been able to create marvels. It is not important whether the broom stick can wipe out the dusts of corruptions, but the hapless citizens found an alternative that attempts to talk in their languages.

The Indian political firmament has witnessed such strong anti-Congress roars in the past also a couple of times, at the least. Whether it is Morarji Desai Government or VP Singh Government, the anti-Congress slogans had been the key agenda. We can clearly recall that “Gali Gali Mein Shor Hai, Rajeev Gandhi Chor Hai” had been enchanting everywhere on the eve of a General election, in particular.

Again, the paradox had been noticed, when Rajiv Gandhi had come to the power by leveraging the Indira wave due to her sad demise.

Could the Modi wave swell into a storm in the recent past? Undoubtedly, Modi’s development traits have amazed the mass and his crowd pulling personality could magnetize a lot of people at his meetings, but could they all be converted to tangible votes, the key mystery of power?

Perhaps it is our mistake to overlook that Shivraj Chouhan could retain his consecutive third term because of his good governance and a very clean image, which has become rare in today’s money driven political world.

While praising Narendra Modi, we should not forget that Gehlot has been alleged with severe corruption charges and his Government remained almost non-functional for a long four years. Such a situation has obviously paved the ways for BJP in Rajasthan.

We should not also underestimate the Raman Singh Government, which has also been retained for the third successive term. Though Arvind Kejriwal has been acclaimed as a giant killer, but a strong anti-incumbency factor had been evident in the defeat of Sheila Dikshit.

We cannot ignore the indisputable popularity of Narendra Modi, but we should never forget the absolute failure of the Congress party both at the state level as well as at the centre. The people are not only frustrated, but some of their acts have tremendously infuriated the common people. It is indeed true that no political party starts digging its own bury by allowing price hike of vegetables and grocery items, until they are forced to do so due to various factors.

When good governance is exhibited, people become ready to listen to their party leaders, but when the Government fails in all aspects, the electorates try to teach them a good lesson.

We should clearly reinstate that such dismal performance of Congress has been caused more by their depressing performance as the rulers than that of the Modi wave.

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