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PM Modi’s Independence Day Speech

Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered his maiden speech to the nation on the occasion of the 68th Independence Day from the ramparts of the Red Fort in Delhi. The speech was marked by bold changes and big bang reforms. The government has opened up the doors for bringing in foreign investment in certain sectors. The speech was appropriate for a leader who has been elected by a strong mandate and laid out with policies that depicted conviction. The speech again brought forward the compulsion to perform due to the immense responsibilities laid upon the shoulders of the government by the hopeful people in the first 100 days of its existence itself. However in order to bring in changes for progress some difficult decisions had to be undergone the beginning of which may be the scraping of the Planning Commission in hindsight. India’s 68th Independence Day was remarkable for the massive public participation of almost 10000 who crowded the Red Fort in Delhi where PM Modi delivered the highpoints of his three month-old government and its future policies. Prime Minister Narendra Modi first unfurled the national flag from the Red Fort and then spoke to the nation from the historic podium for the first time after his party’s spectacular electoral victory in May this year.

In keeping with the significance of the occasion this national day was turned into a mega festival with the participation of “aam aadmi” to bestow upon the national capital a festive look. The crowd was a departure from previous Independence Day observances where public participation at Red Fort was limited to hundreds of school children, government officials and selected invitees due to security reasons. Modi’s extempore like many others was watched in India and abroad for his vision and major policy announcements. Modi has acquired a status as a persuasive speaker and an appealing orator. The Delhi government has decorated the city with 4,000 flags and 60,000 balloons with many prominent roundabouts either been decked with flowers or a tricolour made of flowers. Modi has especially emphasized upon cleanliness and special drives have been carried out in Delhi to remove garbage and litter from roadsides with streets having been swept clean. Public bus services had announced fare concessions for rides to the Red Fort. Parts of Chandni Chowk the crowded shopping bazaar in old Delhi had been declared a pedestrian zone for part the day with various events planned on roads free of vehicular traffic. Prominent buildings in the city were lit up with tricolour lighting and laser projections. Tree plantation activities were carried out in different parts of the metropolis. Over 7,000 security personnel, including 2,000 paramilitary personnel, have been deployed in and around the Red Fort.

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