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Narendra Modi’s Bengal package

Usually most of the packages are decided after the election results come in and winning MPs or MLAs are granted their wishes to form an alliance or simply be a part of the government forming process. This has been the rule for the Indian political firmament. Narendra Modi has turned the concept on its head. The Brigade Parade grounds in Kolkata where Modi stood representing BJP yesterday on February 5th attracted a huge crowd of eight lakhs. Modi has asked the amassed for all 42 seats from Bengal as he wants Bengal to contribute to BJP so that they achieve the magical figure of an absolute majority in the center in the ensuing Lok Sabha elections 2014. He explained that the people of Bengal had voted for change and duly elected their new CM, Mamata Banerjee of Trinamul congress party.

Modi went on to add that now he wanted them to do the same for the Lok Sabha polls-vote for change. He has already claimed that Bengal will surely get the ticket to development which they deserve and have been seeking. He pointed out that if he becomes the PM of India he will surely grant Bengal aids that it has seriously lacked for contributing to its development. Modi indeed has shown the guts to foray into a territory that has never been on the BJP cards. In West Bengal the BJP just has a ghost like presence. Yet it did not deter Modi and the party to put together a rally where CPM and now Trinamul have been holding their sway.

However questions have arisen about the presence of supporters of BJP having been gathered from neighboring states of Jharkhand, Bihar and Assam. The mega rally at the also had BJP president Rajnath Singh, BJP’s in-charge for West Bengal, Varun Gandhi, former union minister Shahnawaz Hussain, music director Bappi Lahiri and noted magician PC Sircar Junior. Around 50 police officers from Gujarat had been responsible for security for which six watch-towers were installed at the rally venue. Modi was here to ask Mamata to be an ally thus accomplishing his two fold agenda. One of the initiatives was to nib the formation of a third front in Indian politics in the bud. Secondly he showed his ace of development for Bengal which is bound to earn him votes despite any racial, religious or party preferences.

The Modi rally has successfully challenged the CPM on their territory. The BJP also earned an entry fee of Rs. 100 for a seat at the event. BJP also had an online registration drive. About 22,000 people had registered online among whom around 18,000 made donations of at least Rs 100 each which probably earned the party around Rs 25 lakhs. Hence the story seems to be taking the right course. Modi has the Guwahati rally next on his agenda. He has definitely played his game plan correctly and progressing with ease towards the chair of the PM of India.

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