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Modi’s barbs against the Congress

Narendra Modi is a man who plans in advance and goes about his agenda in the proverbial proactive manner. The entire campaigning for the scheduled Lok Sabha elections 2014 has been a BJP ball game.

Ever since Modi’s anointment as the Prime Ministerial candidate for his party, the Bharatiya Janata Party, he has gone about the job set out for him with a ruthlessly professional approach.

In fact in this upcoming election it seems that only the party which has set strategies is the BJP. All the others are either completely at sea or simply reacting to Modi’s outbursts and actions. BJP has carved a niche for them with their superstar candidate Narendra Modi to spearhead the party to secure the magical majority and rule India for the next five years at the center.

Modi has left no turf unexplored and dared to venture into territory that has practically never even had BJP supporters. His trump card of development for India has been played out to a crescendo as no one can deny what Gujarat has gained and what it lacks.

The Modi wave has been generated and is swiftly engulfing all states of India. Today it touched upon Guwahati and Imphal where Modi had a rally where he brutally attacked the non-functionality of Manmohan Singh the UPAII leader and PM of India. He pointed out the already very evident fact that Manmohan Singh not only is a very feeble PM but he has miserably failed to develop Assam which he has been representing for the past 23 years in the Rajya Sabha.

Narendra Modi also claimed to know from the natives of Assam as to what benefits had they reaped for having the PM from their state. He reiterated his usually story of the abject malfunction of the UPA-II to aid India in taking strides to be enumerated as one of the most advanced nations of the world despite their potential. He again asked for a timeline of 60 months to prove his worth and his party’s capability and intent for serving the people of India.

Though there have been rampant allegations against Modi from his rivals regarding his roots with the Rashtriya Syawamsevak Sangh whose ideology goes against the secularism the basis of free India. He has been slammed repeatedly for making himself a larger than life figure.

Modi’s decision of constructing the Statue of Unity which will feature Sardar Patel, free India’s first home minister and will be the world’s tallest, has been widely criticized too.

The rivals however have failed to undermine Modi’s efficacy and dent his unparallel popularity. Riots at Godhra have not been forgotten by the people of the nation nor have those who have been accused for the massacre but yet the people of India seem to be getting ready to vote for good governance and transparency in politics.

The total mishap of the UPA-II is something that all Indians have taken to heart and surely this will be a very difficult position from which the Congress will find in practically impossible to rise again. Ultimately through all thick and thin it is the sharp Narendra Modi who is quietly converting the anti- Congress wave into a pro-BJP one.

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