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Manmohan Singh could not reap the benefits

The purported statements of decision paralysis against Manmohan Singh are based on grounds which are mostly untenable and misconceived, may also be distorted. Manmohan Singh’s announcement of handing over the baton to the next generation may obviate any further controversy, but it can only work as a fig-leaf for the aspiring Nehru-Gandhi descendant, Rahul Gandhi.

Perhaps it will not be an understatement if the allegations of decision paralysis are pointed to the Congress party instead of Manmohan Singh.

The placid mannerism of our vastly learned Prime Minister failed to combat the emerging political complexities and contradictions, where the Congress President should have stood by Manmohan Singh more firmly.

Ironically, no Prime Minister of India could live up to the expectation of all the parties and citizens. Why should we attempt to create a distinction? Manmohan Singh had never been an in-born politician and his world reckoned economic background had been proved inadequate to tackle the ongoing turmoil in the Indian political fraternity. Had there been any Prime Minister who had to embark upon with so many uncertainties and scams?

Neither Manmohan Singh had ever been astute or ruthlessly ambitious, nor would he assume the chair without the contemporary political intricacies, whereby Rahul Gandhi could not be considered for the most elite post of the country because of his age and inexperience. Sonia Gandhi had to refrain to avoid the foreigner label.

Rather, it can be said more bluntly that Sonia and the Congress top brass selected Manmohan Singh to bypass Pranab Mukherjee, who would exhibit high caliber but would never like to be a toy under the remote control of 10, Janpath.

How could the power-hungry Nehru- Gandhi family bear with such a stronghold leader after the scary experience of Narsimha Rao? However, Manmohan had to face innumerable ups and downs in his eventful stint. Whether the Coalgate scam or 2G spectra, nothing clicked in favor of the Government spearheaded by Manmohan Singh. It is indeed true that Manmohan Singh botched to inspire his team to challenge the oppositions with poise.

The reality is that Manmohan Singh has shown guts to take some firm decisions. Nobody has forgotten his tough stance in case of nuke deal. The revolutionary decisions of allowing Foreign Direct Investment in retail or releasing control on Petrol or Diesel can be termed as some of the landmark decisions that his Government had initiated, which will spread far reaching tentacles in Indian economical firmament.

Manmohan Singh Government could achieve another milestone off late, whereby the recommendations of Railway Tariff Authorities will be considered without prejudices for deciding Railway fares. Hopefully no Arvind Kejriwal will assume the chair to reverse such a significant step, which had become a must to save the Railways.

Manmohan Singh might not be an orator like Narendra Modi or Arvind Kejriwal. He might have also failed to remain as the icon that the party could sell, but his confidence and exceptional traits in economic fronts could be used as the unique selling Points for Congress, which could also save the country from such calamities. Alas! The dilemma in projecting Rahul Gandhi did not allow the Congress party to reap the benefits of such positive acts. Manmohan Singh will also remain as a melancholy Prime Minister in the pages of the history books.

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