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Furious bloodshed in Bangladesh

The demand of BNP for resignation of Sheikh Hasina as the pre-condition of participating in the upcoming election has been summarily rejected by the Awami League top brass, whereby the amicable solution regarding the election turmoil has become telescopic. Though the doors of discussion remain open officially, but the claim of Begum Khaleda Zia to form a care taker government with the president, speaker and a former minister may never come to reality as Sheikh Hasina has learned a lesson from the history.

The capital punishment of Abdul Quader Mollah has stirred the entire country that has led to an array of bloodshed, destruction of properties, constant strikes and many other commotions.

The uncompromising stance of the Awami League-led Government has been vivid and even the phone calls of US embassy have been in vain. It is reported that John Kerry suggested the Prime Minister to resign from her chair and also not to execute Quader Mollah. The time can only unravel whether the US-ghost can force them to soften their standpoint.

Instead, the highly aggressive Prime Minister had pounced back on the leader of opposition by saying that her Government will never succumb to the pressure of such deliberately created political tumult or phone calls of high profile bureaucrats of foreign countries. 21 Jamaat-e-Islami leaders have been executed as yet and Sheikh Hasina’s stern warning against such fractured group is ready to fuel it further.

Sheikh Hasina committed to take action against the leaders who had been accused of being slaughters during the historic liberation war of Bangladesh in 1971. Though the Jamaat-e-Islami has found political conspiracy, Abdul Quader Mollah has been labeled as the Butcher of Mirpur for his string of operations during the Bangladesh liberation war. The youth forums have been constantly demanding the capital punishment of Abdul Quader Mollah and even the Supreme Court had rejected his plea.

The determined Sheikh Hasina has clearly alleged Begum Khaleda Zia and her party for supporting the Jamaat-e-Islami in an apparently apolitical rally which was set to show tribute to the martyrs of 1971 liberation war of Bangladesh. Her tough stance to safeguard the country against crimes may be complemented, but paramount pressure has been stepped up on her by the duo – Bangladesh Nationalist Party and Jamaat-e-Islami.

While two Awami League activists have been killed and the Jamaat activists have even set fire to one local passport office, Awami League does not like to come down. They may even make their stand harder in the upcoming days. It has been reported that the casualties of such tug of war include even street vendors and has also caused complete disruption of public life for quite some time. It is indeed true that Bangladesh has witnessed many a turmoil in the past also.

We need to patiently watch the proceedings of the head on collisions between the two prime female leaders of Bangladesh – Sheikh Hasina and Begum Khaleda Zia, who had enjoyed the unchallenged supreme power in their own regimes, but the current episode of such rivalries cannot be called as anything better than crime against humanity.

It is natural that Sheikh Hasina will never like to go for the election under a care taker Government as Hasina had burned her fingers once. The history unfolds that the last care taker government of Bangladesh hindered the general election with different silly excuses just to retain their power for almost two years. There is no surprise that Sheikh Hasina amended the constitution as soon as her party had came into the power. It must be noted that Awami League and its allies won that election by a comfortable margin belying the predictions of a close contest.

The reports reveal that the army tends to extend their support to the Sheikh Hasina government as the Government’s tough stand could protect the turbulence within the army against the revolution of fractions of army a couple of years back. The history of Bangladesh is marred by various such unseemly incidents and notorious brutal murders, which are still treated as a threat to humanity.

Awami League and its allies have already secured absolute majority even before the election has taken place. They have won uncontested in more than 50% seats.

The debate on such victory may become acrimonious in the recent future and may take an entirely different turn, if United States and European Union disapprove such uncontested election, as many other countries may join the fray.

Who wants to lose the power of the government in this power driven world? The burning question remains to adapt camouflaging techniques to make it internationally acceptable to avail the huge grants and aids.

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