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Congress under the scanner like never before

The General Election 2014 is perhaps the most ferocious test that the 126 year old Congress party is going to face since its inception. The anti-congress wave currently going through the entire currently has been captured very effectively transformed into votes by the BJP through their most active mouthpiece Modi. The AAP, the new front in Indian politics is headed by Arvind Kejriwal who has been sworn in as the CM of Delhi. The UPA II government has been an utter failure due to the multiple cases of scams that have been raised during their tenure. The disastrous performance of Congress party in the recent state polls held in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Delhi and Mizoram. The Congress lost its power in Delhi and Rajasthan while it was only in Mizoram that they could hold their sway. It was really a very alarming situation when the Delhi CM Sheila Dikshit could not retain her seat.

Modi has been able to raise questions against every trying circumstance that the UPA II has faced and solved or discussed. He has pointedly brought the nation’s attention to the utter lack of professionalism on their part. He has swiftly been able to spread his spell filled with developing India into the next higher orbit. He has never really lost a chance or meeting in which he has not projected a future India which will resemble his state Gujarat in every perceivable way. He has silenced all his critics by keeping a distance from his alleged involvement in the Gujarat riots which is a blemish on his curriculum vitae. He has always maintained a very diplomatic stand regarding the image of his saffron party which is a hard core propagator of Hinduism and not secularism that the masses desire. Lastly but not the least the Congress has virtually given him a walkover in every field as there has been no one to challenge him or reply to his raised questions. This no contest win is against the Congress party which sadly is still not without its stalwarts.

So what is wrong with this party that has been the only party in India to have its supporters in each and every state? It can not be forgotten that they have ruled over India for long and with great success. The mainstay of their sudden decline lies right at the top. The inefficiency of Sonia Gandhi as the lack luster president of the CWC has shone through like never before. The slickness and efficacy which she had exhibited during the process of making Pranab Mukherjee the President seems to have been lost. If medical grounds are the reason for her non-functionality then why is not a better leader taking over? It needs to be remembered that an efficient leader can always take a party places as has been ruthlessly proved to the Congress by BJP’s Modi.

To rub salt into their wounds it was Arvind’s AAP which has won Delhi. Though the Congress has supported them from outside and helped them to form a government whose majority will be proved on the floor of the Delhi assembly in the next week. It must be a lesson for Congress to never withdraw their support from AAP as this just might be a final nail in their coffin. No one will forgive or forget Congress if they do so. Is it not enough that only their cap has been hijacked by the AAP?

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