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Arvind Kejriwal’s darbar dilemma

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has tasted the best that is of forming the Government at Delhi on his maiden political venture. Arvind Kejriwal’s janata darbar on Saturday last however showed up the worst part when a youngster slit his wrists to prove his faith in their government. All his popular moves like setting up an anti-graft hotline to collecting papers from people regarding their grievances have caught the fancy of the media, their rivals and definitely the masses. Arvind Kejriwal’s inaugural venture for the janata darbar held at Delhi Secretariat almost crushed him as the crowds broke barricades to approach him. The CM had to be rescued after which Kejriwal appeared on the terrace to render an apology to the enormous crowd for bad management. He added that they had not been prepared for this massive turnout. However the real hurdle would be to meet the sky high expectations that he and his AAP has raised among the entire nation. His party has also received an astonishing reply from the whole country to open offices that would enable them to launch their nationwide drive for the General Election 2014 in April-May 2014.

Kejriwal’s idea of mohalla sabhas and janata darbar sanctions power to the people who are directly involved in the governance. These instances have given the imagination of the crowd a no-holds bar approach. The common people who were totally cut off by the now ruling non-communicating government at the centre, have suddenly found all gates opened by the Delhi AAP government for them to actively participate within a very short tenure. Will the AAP be able to satiate the people’s cherished dreams is now the million dollar question. Doing anything overnight is practically impossible and this truth is known to Kejriwal and his newly appointed associates of the AAP ruling Delhi Government.

Nevertheless the AAP ministers are working round-the-clock to meet people’s expectations. But a few of the contorted equations demand not only time but also skill and hard policy decisions to set them on the track to development. Even at 7 pm in the evening when most Delhi officials heading home the appointed Labour minister Girish Soni is still busy in meetings at the Delhi secretariat. He strictly uses a car which is devoid of the red-beacon or security like the CM Arvind Kejriwal. On the one hand as one minister works late another starts off early in the morning. Health minister Satyendra Jain meets his constituency assembled at a park in the morning hours before work commences. Manish Sisodia works a 6 am to 11 pm shift as he is responsible for three portfolios, including the education department. Kejriwal and his cabinet have a lot to do, learn, implement, ensure and decide all of which will bear an indelible mark on their careers and the government policies on which everyone of the country has their eyes keenly set upon. It’s undoubtedly a gigantic task to bear the burden of the people’s expectations upon their tender shoulders and still deliver the goods under such a load.

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