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Arvind Kejriwal left the battle front

Astute, ruthlessly ambitious Arvind Kejriwal perhaps has been aiming for the sky. His eventful stint in the political firmament for a couple of weeks will raise acrimonious debates even in future. Perhaps Arvind Kejriwal tends to forget that political career is a truly roller-coaster that often bestow high praise on the leader, but also can become equally rude to bluntly throw him out of the fence, when the time comes.

If he is credited with changing the face of politics with the buzzword of anti-corruption drive, the youngest Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal has found him at the center of many a controversy in one of the shortest possible tenure. His exit has been as dramatic as his entry in the Chief Minister’s office.

The oratory confidence or uncompromising stance against corruption cannot transform one leader of opposition to the Chief Minister – true to its definition, Arvind Kejriwal has also proved that he is fickle, fictitious and inconsistent.

Arvidn Kejriwal on his resignation has received many accolades like glib-talker, liar, gimmick-driven politician and many others from the oppositions and also various corners.

The purported recommendation for dissolution the Delhi government seems to be quiet untenable. Arvind Kejriwals’ quit is just a political gamble that the country has been watching over decades. The Jon Lokpal or Lokpal had been just an excuse. It was obvious for his government to suffer a defeat in the assembly house as Congress and BJP had clearly disagreement on the bill, which had not been approved by the center.

Arvind Kejriwal had been acclaimed and criticized due to his various stunning decisions. Free Water Supply or Reduction of Electricity prices have received garlands and his protests on the street have received brickbats. He has attacked Congress, BJP and even Jung on various issues. His minister’s unruly behavior to the foreign ladies has raised eyebrows, so as his endeavor to protect the concerned minister. His FIR against Mukesh Ambani or Petroleum minister should not be treated in isolation in case of gimmick-driven politicians like Arvind Kejriwal.

The mockery is that Arvind Kejriwal believes to be only an anarchist, where any democratic governmental system demands evolution of changes from within.

The reaction of the mass remains the most burning questions at this stage as Arvind Kejriwal has decided his party to contest in around 300 seats in the General Election 2014. The future can only unravel whether Delhi people will keep on their support for the Arvind Kejriwal or withdraw the support to the drama-driven political party. BJP has been eagerly waiting for such an unprecedented opportunity. Congress has cleverly saved them from the allegations of ousting the Delhi government, though nobody expects a better result in the re-poll, if it happens.

If we bring his entire tenure under the microscopic lenses, it shows that he has left no stone unturned to confront its allies and the central government to force Congress to withdraw its support. His demonstration on the road on the issue of controlling Delhi police has shown that he fails to elevate himself from the street level politics, for which honors have been showered upon him.

Could Arvidn Kejriwal show due diligence to the overwhelming support of the people that had been awarded on him? Did not he leave the battle front leaving everybody in a lurch?

Is Anna Hazzare smiling at the back?

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