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AAP needs professionalism

The phenomenal rise of AAP from a political anti-graft movement has left the national political parties gasping for breath. Each and every member of the 28 MLAs of the ruling AAP government in Delhi must reinstate themselves as active members of a newbie Indian political party. Only the aspirations of bringing about a movement to cleanse the nation desperately from the grip of corruption rigged parties which are currently at the helm is not enough. Each and every one of the AAP members must identify with the fact that they are now members of a state assembly that too Delhi which the capital of India. Their aligned thought process must be conveyed to the masses through the media.

What ever slogans and viewpoints can be stated during a movement may or may not be appropriate as a part of the policy building government.

As the members of the AAP are from every walk of life and the party is being boosted on a daily basis by the announcements of stalwarts from different walks of life joining their ranks it must also be mentioned that they must nib in the bud any sort of confusion or commotion that will arise within themselves in due course.

Their portrayal of a single minded approach to any agenda whether acutely sensitive or not is desired and has to be achieved swiftly. Putting the foot in the mouth regularly is absolutely ruled out as has happened in some incidents when certain members of the party had viewed their personal opinions in front of the media. Arvind Kejriwal the honorable CM of Delhi had to set the record straight on those occasions. This is truly despicable and amateurish.

The media glare on the AAP had been instilled when they were turning from an anti-corruption movement to a political party and continued when they staked a claim to run the government in New Delhi. This undivided media attention for the AAP is like a sharpened sword that can kill thousands of enemies but relentless handling can result in bloodshed of their own. It has to realize before its too late that the media can both make and break. They have to comprehend that even small blunders on their part will be blown out of proportion by their opponents who are waiting to go in for a kill with the General Election 2014 in the backdrop.

The Lok Sabha is due for its final session in February with the polls to be held in April- May 2014 as has been announced. As the AAP has decided to contest for the Lok Sabha elections in almost 20 states of the country it will enjoy tremendous media consideration. The same had happened in West Bengal when the people were totally disheartened with the ruling Left Front and decided to usher in a change.

The media collaborated by bringing in focus the Trinamul Congress headed by Mamata Banerjee who is currently the CM of West Bengal.

However the rosy future that the TMCs MLAs expected had turned over with controversy after controversy raging this new regime. Their have been rampant abuses, charges and indictments against the Mamata ruling Government that have been scathingly reported in the media. AAP should take a lesson.

Hence morphing into a government is only the first step as a raging battle is unleashed. Let AAP become proficient in handling media interest in its favor.

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