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Varanasi, Modi’s second constituency

As always the BJP is clearly ahead on the surprise quotient in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections 2014 in India. They are the only party who seem to following a planned approach to seek a clear mandate of the people. BJP is calling all the shots and the next ace up its sleeve that it has recently unleashed is to have Narendra Modi contest from Varanasi, his second constituency. Not only the electorate but most of political parties have been wide eyed as this decision was announced by the Bharatiya Janta Party. However the real mystery about this announced agenda of the BJP is not that their Prime Ministerial candidate has been chosen to contest from two seats one in his home state of Gujarat and the other outside Gujarat. The selection of Varanasi has had all other parties swooning as they cannot be sure of the exact calculation of the BJP behind this scheme. Varanasi has a BJP heavy weight Murli Manohar Joshi as the sitting MP and moreover is the holiest place for all Hindus. Apart from this it also makes sense that Indian PMs have been traditionally elected from the heartland of UP where Varanasi lies. It also seems to signal that Modi’s vibrant presence in the state of UP will aid the bright fortunes of party.

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