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The phase eight of general elections on May 7 in India

The Lok Sabha elections held yesterday on May 7, 2014 was for 64 parliamentary seats spread out over 7 states of India. In Jammu and Kashmir polling took place for 2 LS seats. 19 candidates were in the fray for the 1357321 electors in the state who voted for electing their lawmakers. In the state of Uttarakhand polling took place for all its five LS seats. 74 candidates were locked in the contest with the 6883379 strong voters selecting their MPs. In Himachal Pradesh polling took place for 4 LS seats with 4810071 electors with 38 candidates in the fray. In UP polling took place for 15 seats with 243 candidates for the 26241592 strong voters involved. 10579997 voters polled for 7 seats in Bihar where 118 candidates were contesting the LS polls 2014. Andhra Pradesh had 25 seats in the fray for which 333 candidates are fighting the current Lok Sabha elections with 36762976 voters. West Bengal had 17 seats at stake for which there were 72 candidates and 8887135 electorates voting.

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