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Senior Congress leaders finally agree to contest in West Bengal

Adhir Choudhury has been able to bring about some phenomenal changes in the drubbing Congress of West Bengal. Though it is yet to be unraveled whether such a boost will be able to bring a reasonable number of seats from the state, but he has been able to manage the senior leaders, who refused to contest by showing various excuses. Abdul Mannan is going to contest from Sreerampore and Manas Bhuina will contest from Ghatal constituency. As the anti-congress wave seems to roar in this election, most of the senior Congress leaders tried to avoid contesting in this general election. Some of them tried to place their family members in their palces, but the meeting with Rahul Gandhi has certainly encouraged the Congress leaders to exhibit guts to contest. Om Prakash Mishra will contest from his favorite Balurghat constituency, whereas the artist Samir Aich will fight from Jadavpur. Though Congress has failed to announce all his candidates, but they have announced half of the names who are going to fight with the Congress symbol from West Bengal. The political analysts report that a triangular fight will certainly go against the ruling TM, who are expecting a sweep in this General election 2014.

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