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Revolution inside AAP

AAP has been marred by inter-party revolution of some of the high profile leaders in its nascent stage only. While Vinod Binny has been showing his resilience in several issues, the newbie Captain Gopinath has raised his concerns about the party’s stance in FDI in retail issue. Arvind Kejriwal had clearly announces that he would not contest in the general election, though his party AAP will contest in around 300 seats in the General Election 2014. While Arvind Kejriwal intends his descendents to follow him, some of the elected members have started raising their voices. Vinod Binny had been found to become agile as he could not secure his berth in the cabinet. It is yet to be unraveled whether the AAP leaders can mollify him before his scheduled press conference, but such agitation within the party may create turmoil as the party AAP is yet to get rid of its initial teething problems.

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