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Revelations of opinion poll after April 10 voting

An opinion poll by CNN-IBN and The Week survey done by Lokniti at CSDS after the polling on April 10, 2014 claimed that there is a strong possibility of BJP and its ally Apna Dal winning between 42 and 50 parliamentary seats out of the 80 in UP. This gives an incredible edge to Bharatiya Janata Party and its alliance the NDA in getting close to the magical figure of 272 seats in the Lok Sabha to stake their claim of forming a government at the centre. Narendra Modi has yet again topped the list of popular persons for the post of the Prime Minister of India.

In UP, the Samajwadi Party will have an expected tally of around 11 to 17 Lok Sabha seats while Bahujan Samaj Party may notch up anywhere between 10 to 16 seats. The Congress it seems will do disastrously ending up with an insignificant number of 4 and 8 seats along with their RLD alliance in UP.

The sweeping BJP will land up with 21-25 seats in Rajasthan leaving the Congress crestfallen with 0-2 seats. In Delhi the survey projects that the BJP to gain around 40 per cent of the votes translating into 3-4 Lok Sabha seats with AAP expecting to claim around 2-3 seats and the Congress getting 1 seat. Nevertheless the 42% of voters in Delhi still prefer the AAP for the Delhi Assembly over the BJP with a close 36% and the Congress a mere 16%.

The SAD-BJP alliance will expectedly get 42 per cent votes in the Lok Sabha polls in Punjab while the Cong-PPP alliance may get 29 per cent. The opinion poll gave the BJP-HJC pack 36 % votes in Haryana while 30% for Congress, 16% to INLD and 7 % to AAP in Haryana.

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