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Press Conference of Manmohan Singh

The much hyped press conference of Manmohan Singh concludes with some vital decisions like his exit, Rahul Gandhi’s entry and blast on Modi. Perhaps this had been the last press conference of Manmohan Singh as the Prime Minister of India, but he tried to break the pseudo shell of candid face and silent spectator. He has lashed upon Narendra Modi and fueled the notorious issue of Godhra. Manmohan Singh has accepted the failures of the Government in various issues like price hikes or scams. Dr. Singh has also said that Rahul Gandhi has got traits to lead the Government after the General Election 2014. He has also said that it is better to remain mum than to be proactive in leading a riot in Ahmedabad. Perhaps his intention was to offer a clean chit to Rahul, who can start fresh, if Congress comes into power. Perhaps he had been nostalgic, when he said that history would remember him for his traits.

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