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PMO gradually taking shape

With Nripendra Misra as principal secretary and Ajit Doval as national security advisor the foundation has been laid for a new-look Prime Minister’s Office. A few more key officials are to be brought in to make the PMO an effectual seat of governance under Mr Modi. Andhra Pradesh cadre officer Satish Chandra now looks set to join the league by being appointed the private secretary to the PM. The 1986 batch officer is now resident commissioner of Andhra Pradesh. Mean while S Jaishankar, India’s ambassador to the US is being considered for the role of foreign policy advisor to the PM. With cabinet secretary

Ajit Seth retiring on June 13, all eyes are now on the vital appointment of the new cabinet secretary. Sutanu Behuria, a 1976 batch Himachal Pradesh officer who is currently the secretary in charge of heavy industries, is the senior-most candidate for the job. However petroleum secretary Saurabh Chandra and Jawed Usmani are also in the fray. The PMO and cabinet secretariat will have to be in tune to deliver the effective governance Modi has pledged. Mr Modi has roped in IAS officer AK Sharma and Indian Forest Service officer Bharat Lal from the Gujarat administration in the new PMO as joint secretaries. With the current secretary to the PM R Ramanujam retiring next month another high-level vacancy will need to be filled up in the PMO. On May 29 PM Modi took an unprecedented tour of all the offices in PMO being guided by Nripendra Misra. The appointment of a communications advisor to the PM is also awaited.

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