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NDA government’s act to be eagerly watched

Hawk eyed economists and the expectant public in general are awaiting the government to perform for they have burdened its shoulders with responsibilities galore. The extensive mandate by the people has put a gigantic pressure on the new NDA government to perform towards fulfilling the promises it had made to them during the elections. During elections Mr Modi had promised to revive growth of the country that has fallen below 5 per cent choking off job opportunities. The government has to look into the vital aspect of creating job opportunities for the massive workforce that is ready for work in a under developed nation like India. Mr Modi must also address the prospect of new roads, factories, power lines, high-speed trains and 100 new cities that were highlighted to be in the pipe line to take India onto the next orbit. Mr Modi’s government has not touched the costly subsidy program that accounted for 2.4 per cent of GDP last fiscal. Mr Modi needs to layout a convincing five-year vision for India. The government strategy to create jobs is a most critical area since BJP promised job for all consistently during elections. The government must also focus on reviving the manufacturing sector which will be the key to large-scale job creation.

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