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ICC revamp could make BCCI units richer by Rs 15 crore

The International Cricket Council is set to overhaul the revenue distribution structure. It will translate to an additional cash bonanza in the range of Rs 15 crore for the affiliated state units of the BCCI in India to expand the game and infrastructure at the grassroots level. The move will be finalized as soon as the ICC completes the process of clearing the ‘Position Paper’ that proffers more revenue to India, England and Australia.

This received sum from ICC to BCCI state units will be in addition to the regular grant and money from TV sponsorship rights that the associations have been receiving. In accordance to the new revenue model the BCCI gets 21 percent of the profits. Yet a lot of confusion still persists on the other main agenda of the ICC like the joining of Narayanswamy Srinivasan as chairman due to his removal from the chair as the president of BCCI by the Supreme Court of India. The apex court of India seems set to free cricket of its bad reputation while directing it on a redemption path.

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