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Former Army chief among BJP ranks

General V K Singh has joined the Bharatiya Janta Party today on March 01, 2014 declaring that it was the only party that has a national presence. General V K Singh was a former chief of the armed forces in India has called for the support from the troops and ex-servicemen to aid a single party gain the majority of seats ensuring a stable government for the next 5 years. The BJP President Rajnath Singh along with several other former servicemen were present when the General asked for votes in favor of the BJP stating that it was a national party and its coming to power would be in the best interest of the nation. Rajnath Singh took the opportunity to communicate to all that the UPA-II had not been able to maintain the armed forces well and it has been during their tenure that unfortunate accidents have come at regular intervals in the Indian Navy. General V K Singh has been a man who had fought off controversy regarding his date of birth and had dragged the government to the Supreme Court over this issue.

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